Our team has designed and developed Medical Navigator™ as a computer-programmed expert tool that implements current achievements in knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence into decision making process in clinical medicine. Medical Navigator™ is an innovative computer application designed to support and guide medical professionals through a process of decision making in various clinical scenarios.

R&D of the project is run in partnership between the Department of Computer Science and Communication at the University of Economics in Katowice and CompassMedica. 
Initial studies have developed an expert system supporting clinical decisions in cardiac surgery.

Medical Navigator™ is based on software tools used in artificial intelligence technologies:

  • expert systems 
  • neural networks 
  • generic algorithms
  • and domain-systems. 

Thorough analysis of available sources of knowledge (medical standards, guidelines, and risk scales) will develop Medical Navigator™ into a professional guide and supportive tool for decision-making in many areas of clinical medicine worldwide.

Medical Navigator™ is protected by intellectual property rights (copyrights and patent pending).

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